Friday, 4 September 2015

Due to popular demand!!!

Praise Master Jesus.........
Can somebody shout Hallelujah...

I finally make a blog post after how many years.. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me and the blog ohh. You are the real mvp!!!

Ermm, a lot of things have been going on ohhh... A lot of things have happened since the last blog post. This blog is just an update..

Btw, this month is my blog's birthday... Who can guess the day? I can't believe it's up to a year since I started writing.. I'm not bored again ohhh. Maybe I should change the name of the blog now that my boredom have gone.. Name ideas anyone?

Happy New month sha to everyone.
I know this post is just everywhere, but what can I do nau? I'm so excited to write again ohh. I'ts been so long..
Between the last post and this one,
1. Kanye has aspired to be president
2. I lost my purse and found it again. Who remembers the last time I lost it? I posted it here.
3. I moved and changed apartments. Who remembered the post where I was also looking for one?
4. I wrote final exams, had holidays and school is resuming again ohhh...
5. Summer literally ended in Vancouver and rain started falling.
6. I had power outage for the first time in 3 years up to 24hours. I thought the world wanted to end that day.

And I can go on and on... But ... Well, Let me stop here.
How are all of you? What's been going on?
It's fasting period, hope you all are fasting?
2015 is almost over ohhh... Hope you are begining to take stock and readjust goals if need be?

I would have left a picture but I have not snapped any lately so manage this one for now. I took it off my snapchat and I have sinced destroyed this natural hair you are seeing here...

Hugs and kisses.
Like and share ohhh....


  1. Chai!!! D lord has answered my prayers, welcome back.

  2. Smh one question o, what did you post?

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