Monday, 14 September 2015

3 Scriptures - September 2015

Hey everyone
The last time I blogged about Scriptures in August (missed it? not to worry. click here), I promised I was going to make it a regular feature. So here is the scripture for September.

Scripture 1 - Romans 8:33-38
The Apostle Paul should be one of my favorite Bible person. Whenever I read any of his letters, he comes across to me as someone with high intellect and knowledge. But this is not about Paul, I digress.

I love this passage because it reminds me of the steadfastness of God's love in every situation. This scripture comes across to me as a challenge from God; something like "oya tell me what you want to mention now that you think can separate us that I did not list here.."
Common, they even listed life and death....
So cheer up people, nothing, I repeat, nothing can separate us from God's love.

Scripture 2 : Romans 8:28
Romans 8 should be one of my favorite scriptures so sorry that all my scriptures for this month is culled from there.
Erm, this scripture is one of my favorite ones because it is a source of comfort. Have something ever happened to you and you were like "how? But God that was not in the plan!"
Now don't get me wrong; there are times that things go wrong and we must pray because prayer is a vital too; don't underestimate that and say "all things work together".

But whatever happens to you, just know it is working for a greater good. I've seen this happen first hand in my life so I know what I'm saying.

Scripture 3 - Romans 8:14,16

I love this scripture especially the second verse and I'll tell you why.
If you came from a Christian family just like me, chances are you probably responded to your first altar call when you were a child, maybe around 8-9 years.
I wish it was all it took and we could have been okay, but that wasn't all.
You saw yourself going back to that altar when next a guest minister comes to church and makes an altar call that touches your heart. You repent again and the cycle continues probably into teenage.

You get where I'm going? For people like me, we needed that conviction that we are children of God. I was tired of the altar call cycle. I needed one last real experience. And trust me, when I first stumbled upon this scripture, I was like Halleluyah.
I don't know when the final "altar call" happened, but I know that when it did, I had that conviction that I am now a child of God, and this time, it was for real...
I never doubted it again.

Yeah, so there you have it.
3 scriptures for September.
Which one do you relate to the most? 
Hugs and kisses.

Friday, 11 September 2015

1 year blogaversary

Hip Hip Hip.....
Sometime last year in my little room, I was at the edge of boredom and didn't know what to do about it.  The only thing that came to my mind then was blogging, and most people who know my impulsive nature will know I didn't even think twice. I just headed straight into it.

One year later, I must confess I'm no longer bored hence the frequency of my posts has reduced.. Having a blog have made me realize that to be a successful blogger, you must be talkative in nature... Or else how can you explain having to write new things on a daily basis?
I am just trying to give excuses for not posting more, but today is not a day of excuses. I am grateful to all my readers and everyone who has supported this blog in one way or the other.

So on my anniversary I am presenting to you some of my blog stats
In the past year, I've published a total of 64 posts this one inclusive. If I should add those I abandoned in the drafts section and those that never got published, that number would be closer to 80

Blog Hit.
We are just a few numbers short of 10,000 hits. I know it is not a lot, but given the fact that I don't blog often and I have not really advertised the page, it's a starting point. 10,000 hits is not rice and beans with moin-moin jor.

Top five Countries most viewed
The top five countries that viewed my blog the most were
1. Canada
2. United States (it closely pursues Canada)
3. Nigeria
4. United Kingdom
5. Netherlands ( I don't know anyone here ohh, but whoever you are, keep up the good work)

Top 5 posts.
The blog posts you guys read the most are
1. Meet Faith - sixty pairs
2. Meet Stella : Miss Eyebrows
3. Grateful, Thankful, Hopeful!!!
4. Happy weekend/who wore it better
5. Ermm, everybody submit

Yeah, so those are the stats.
I want to thank anyone who have left a comment or encouraged me.
You might wonder if I have new blog resolutions, well, my earnest desire is to blog more : So help me God.
Maybe I'll just create a schedule and stick to it, what do you think?

 So today I really want to hear your honest opinions
How do you think I can improve the blog in the coming year?
What features would you like to see?
What do you think I am doing wrong? (and how do you think it can be made right)
What do you want continued?
I am really open to suggestions and "constructive" criticism so fire away..

And please do me a favor; if you haven't liked the facebook page yet, Go ahead and do so.. That way, you won't ever miss a post...

Till the next post comes your way, happy anniversary and long live bored betty's musings.
Hugs and kisses.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Due to popular demand!!!

Praise Master Jesus.........
Can somebody shout Hallelujah...

I finally make a blog post after how many years.. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me and the blog ohh. You are the real mvp!!!

Ermm, a lot of things have been going on ohhh... A lot of things have happened since the last blog post. This blog is just an update..

Btw, this month is my blog's birthday... Who can guess the day? I can't believe it's up to a year since I started writing.. I'm not bored again ohhh. Maybe I should change the name of the blog now that my boredom have gone.. Name ideas anyone?

Happy New month sha to everyone.
I know this post is just everywhere, but what can I do nau? I'm so excited to write again ohh. I'ts been so long..
Between the last post and this one,
1. Kanye has aspired to be president
2. I lost my purse and found it again. Who remembers the last time I lost it? I posted it here.
3. I moved and changed apartments. Who remembered the post where I was also looking for one?
4. I wrote final exams, had holidays and school is resuming again ohhh...
5. Summer literally ended in Vancouver and rain started falling.
6. I had power outage for the first time in 3 years up to 24hours. I thought the world wanted to end that day.

And I can go on and on... But ... Well, Let me stop here.
How are all of you? What's been going on?
It's fasting period, hope you all are fasting?
2015 is almost over ohhh... Hope you are begining to take stock and readjust goals if need be?

I would have left a picture but I have not snapped any lately so manage this one for now. I took it off my snapchat and I have sinced destroyed this natural hair you are seeing here...

Hugs and kisses.
Like and share ohhh....