Monday, 3 August 2015

3 Scriptures - August 2015

Hey loves (hides face)
How is everyone? It's really been a while.
Between today and my last post, a lot has happened. My birthday has passed. I'm not even surprised I didn't make any post for myself on my birthday; I'm the kind of person that will ginger in other people's matter and just slack when it comes to myself.
Well, I hope you all are fine? Happy new month everybody.

I thank all of you that take time to read my blog and give constructive feedback and comments, you are the real mvp.

The post for today will be drawn from the Bible; Yaas, the Holy Book.
I'm trying to see if I can make this a regular feature every month? What y'all think?
You see, the Bible is my favorite book on earth, and I pray for grace to even study it more than I already do. So today, I'll just drop 3 of my favorite verses from the bible and I'll explain why.

1.  Isaiah 43:1-2
This scripture is my all time favorite because it means a lot to me. I might be going through a bad day and all I need to cheer me up is this scripture. In fact, the whole Isaiah 43 is bae.
The thing I love most about it is how personal it really feels.
Anytime I read this verse, I just get into this place were I feel like God is really telling me "Look, Betty, you are my daughter, you are MINE. I know your name and I'll see you through whatever you are going through".