Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Grateful, Thankful, Hopeful!!!

Hello my lovers, how are you all doing?
I officially welcome you to the first day of the First month of the second half of 2015. Congrats, you made it.
Happy Canada day to all my jolly folks in Canada. This is the 3rd Canada day I am witnessing, how time flies.

First thing first, check out this music! I'm blown away, like literally blown away. So clean. The title is praying for peace

As regards this post, I want to share with you what I'm grateful for in the past first half of the year. I learnt early in life the importance of gratitude and I won't take many things in life for granted. It's been a long ride, many things didn't go as planned, but in all, I give thanks to God. So here we go and this is my attempt at keeping things very short.

Yay!!! New month

1.) Thankful for Life
I am grateful for the fact that I'm alive. Many times, it is easy to take for granted the fact that life is very fleeting and can be lost at any moment. I am grateful for the one time this year that my house almost caught fire but God kept us and put out the fire (my house-mate is a very organized person who loves to put things in place, but the fact that she overlooked my hair towel that I left in the parlor for over a week which we eventually used to put out the fire is nothing short of God's mercy).

2.) Thankful for health
If you have ever had malaria, or even any sickness that kept you bed-ridden, then you'll know the importance of health. I'm thankful that I am healthy. I am thankful that I can walk with my two legs, see with my two eyes, eat when I want to, jump and talk when I wan't to and sleep when I want to.

3.) Thankful for family
If you have ever lost a close family member, then you'll appreciate the fact that when you wake up in the morning and you turn around and see all your family alive, then that's enough reason to thank God. So this is thank you for my mum, my two sisters, my brother, all my Uncles and Aunties, all my cousins and extended family.

4.) Thankful for friends
Almost losing one of my friend to a car accident this year made me realize how much I really love and appreciate all my friends. This thank you is for having all you awesome people around me,

5.) Thankful for Me
Conception is a battle, it feels good to know you were the one that won out of the many others that could have. This is thank you for the fact that I'm special and to God for taking out His time to make sure that out of all the millions in the world, no one looks like me.

6.) Thankful for all the privileges
I am thankful for all the opportunities and favour I have had this year and the years past. I thank God for an education (most people aren't that privileged), I'm thankful for every exam I have ever passed, every award I have ever gotten, every opportunity to serve I have ever gotten, Thankful for every setback that have made me better. I can go on and on but words fail me.

I would like to stop here but I can't keep calm because...

So be on the look out guys. This is my month.
So dear readers, what are you thankful for?
Who can guess the day in July I was born?
Have an awesome week.


  1. Thankful for life, health, family, provision, protection, friends, finance and thank God cos I'll be a Graduate by the end of this year. It could only be God all the way through.

    1. Congratulations in advance dear. You'll make it.

  2. Thankful for everything even this mosquito that won't let me sleep this night. Nice dance move yu'r tryna burst there or is it just a pose for the camera?

    1. Thank God in everything. And yes Ray, the pose is for the camera 😃

  3. Thankful for health, God grace and provision. Betty dear you should do a birthday day give away... What do you think?

    1. We thank God for all. Any idea on that? My problem with give aways is that I stay in Canada and I have readers all over the place. So I don't even know how to send those stuffs.
      But I will think about it.

  4. Thankful for health, life and your blogs, at least for the few times I've been here it's been amazing

  5. I'm thankful for life, and the ability to breathe without pains. Plus I love your header photo. I love scary things.

    1. I know autocorrect is a major fail, but its Abosi AH-BOH-SEY


    2. Lols, thank you for the correction Abosi 😊


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