Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ermm, this style of taking compliments has to stop ohh

Clears throat! Nigerians in the house I hail ohhh.
I'm coming for y'all right now.. Because honestly, I have not seen any other person from another country do this.
Now, before y'all come for me, I've probably done a few of what I'm about to write now. But mehn, I've seen some so grand that it had to result in a blog post.


So you see a Nigerian with a nice outfit, looking so glam that you have to drop compliments.
For someone like me, when I don't like something, it is really not so hard to hide (which is very bad because I need to work on my pretence skills). Which brings us to the point that if I compliment you, I truly mean it and that means I really like how you look.
Biko, what's wrong with saying a simple "thank you" when you receive a compliment?
Oya let me paint typical scenario with a Nigerian

Scenario 1
ME: Chidombo, you look nice ohh, I really like your outfit..
CHIDOMBO: Wash, wash, why can you wash me like this... Na wa ohh.

Scenario 2
ME: Chidombo, I really like this your shoe
CHIDOMBO: Argh, na you ohhh... My own sef no reach you. I dey learn work were you dey. I want to be like you when I grow up...
ME: (inserts confused face) Really nigga???

Scenario 3
ME: Chidombo, You are killing it in this dress ohh
CHIDOMBO: Haba? Me that is just looking ordinary?  If you want to insult me, please use another thing.

how I be like when you refuse to accept my compliment. Gerarahia mehn..

Seriously ehn, me I think that when people dress nice, they know it in their hearts (you wouldn't leave your house looking like shit). So why do y'all act all surprised when you receive compliments?

Biko, you people should stop it... I'm begging you ohh. Else I'll stop complimenting you.
Haba, a simple "thank you" is not that hard.

Anyway, Rant over.

By the way, I've been jamming Ed Sheeran's photograph over the week. It reminds me of home and all my loved ones. Enjoy

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