Thursday, 25 June 2015

What is going on with weddings of nowadays???

Hello people, how are you doing?
I know, it's been ages and I apologise. I've been so busy.
Have you filled out the survey? It ends next week ohh.


Any way, on to today's topic (idea credit to dahling Dinah).
So you guys know I'm mostly making my social media rounds every now and then to keep up with what is going on this world.
While I was doing that, something caught my attention. Take a look at this for a moment.

To say I was dumbfounded and taken aback by what I saw is not an understatement. As I was pondering what was wrong with this girl in question and how she could be helped, I also realised that this was not the first time I was seeing something of this nature in weddings before.
So guess what, I made a montage of most of the weird things I've seen and this list is not exhaustive

Disclaimer : If by chance you see your aunty's wedding in this video, biko no hard feelings. It's not that serious and it's just for fun.

So people, the logical critical thinker in me sought for reasons why these things are happening and my beautiful and witty mind came up with these top three:

1.) This is a case where they put weed inside of the wedding jollof rice instead of thyme. There is no way you are telling me otherwise

2.)This is a case where brother marries sister after almost 20 years of dating and another 10 long years of engagement. All hope was lost, but alas, a proposal and wedding arrived.

3.) This is a clear case of "my husband must locate me in this wedding by fire by force or else I will die here"

What other explantions can you come up with my beautiful readers?

What I'm listening to right now.

If you have not heard "Nanaowei" by Preye Odede ft Mercy Chinwo, then you are on a really long thing. If "Ebezina" blessed you, then this one is even packed with more blessings. Listen and share.

That will be all for today. Hope you have an awesome weekend.
Cheers and much love.
Xoxo Betty.


  1. Olukade Opeyemi Michael25 June 2015 at 04:43

    This is really funny. You should post more often though Betty, I think you have really nice posts here(as weird as it may sound,i've gone through almost all of em),and you get better with each post. Hope say u dey hear from Stella and ur folks back in Pitakwaa?

    1. Awwn, thanks so much for the kinds words and it ain't weird. I'll try to post as my time and schedule permits and I still hear from my people. How are you?

  2. Can't stop laffing o, was wondering wen u'd post another. It really has to be one of those or d husband is an ex nd u jst want to prove to him dat ur still doing fine without him.....

  3. lmao... this is a serious case of MEGALO-CRAZE... i just wonder wah was their train of thought at the moment... buh it must b said, tha first lady has som wicked #shoki moves oh


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