Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Funny interview + word conference in 7 sentences

Hey Buddies... Watagwan? Wadup??? yo yo yo yo.. Betty is in the house.. rastafari.. bomboclat
(shines teeth sheepishly and types on)

So what's up?
Happy New Month by the way. It is June already. I can't believe we are in the last month of the first half of the year already. I feel like it was just yesterday that the new year started.

Happy New month erbady......

Anyway, I was at a job interview yesterday ohh. The interview was a group interview and honestly I wasn't prepared for anything like it. So the format is that the hiring managers will ask a question and everyone takes turns in answering them in the group.

So the first question was "Introduce yourself"
We were answering the questions and then this dude just went off like "MY NAME IS .... AND I LOVE PRESSURE, IN FACT I DERIVE PLEASURE FROM WORKING UNDER PRESSURE AND I CAN SURVIVE ON IT"
I'm not kidding you and in my mind I was like "How?"
I could see the hiring manager trying all his best to stifle his laughter. Things an interview can cause.

So people, in this post I said I was on a spiritual high and I was going to rub it off on some of you. Well, I have decided to summarize my word conference experience into this little points which in no way compares to what I gained. So here we go..

1. God is only going to give you what you have an appetite or desire for. So my brothers and sisters, if your aim in life is to have a Toyota, God is not going to impose a Ferrari or Lamborghini on you. 

2.You probably have heard this one before, but God doesn't respond to your fears; He only responds to your faith.

3. The Devil has only as much power as you let him have. He is a master manipulator. So he might just be using your powers against you and you might not even know it. Watch your words.

4. If you don't kill your bad habits (Egypt), and expose them, the anointing can't do much. Instead it multiplies the evil as well as the good. Ever wondered why some men of God still perform miracles while living a life of sin?

5. Faith is important and it cannot be overemphasized. If you can only run with what you can see, then you haven't entered the realm of faith.

6. There are no grey areas in Christianity. Some things are just wrong. And no amount of world justification/acceptance can change that. Yes Bruce Jenner. I'm talking to you.

and the seventh point just because I was born in July

7. Sometimes, God makes demands on our lives that seems far above our capabilities. When we are faced with such, just goo ahead because whoever God calls, He equips.

Get ready for more awesomeness this month.
Hugs and kisses.


  1. Lols, chai only wat is ur name and he said all dat...smh...hope d interview went well for u sha..

    1. my dear you have seen it.The interview went well. Let's hope and wait.

  2. Blessed. Permit me to share. You should feed ur baby by following @heatherlove on IG. Many thanks Pastor Mrs Betty Hassan.😜

    1. Lols. Hassan? Me like. Thanks for the feedback.


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