Friday, 12 June 2015

Arachnophobia!!!!! (Canadian vs Nigerian)

Ermm, happy Friday everybody...

So I'm typing this post at 3.33am on Friday morning in my housemate's room since a spider has decided to take ownership of my room. God knows there is no way I'm sleeping any-time soon. If you should step into my room now, you'll probably die of suffocation because the amount of insecticide I sprayed inside that room can sustain a house for a year. I hate spiders with all my life; with every fibre of what makes me Betty. Did I tell you I moved out of my last apartment because of spiders? And now I have seen it in this house after 8 months. Maybe this is a sign from the Lord that I have to move out of this house very soon. Maybe...

By the way, for those of you living in Canada ohh, have you ever noticed the spiders in Canada before and how they are different from the ones back home?

Well, I have compiled the differences between Canadian spiders and Nigerian spiders (I can't even believe I'm truly writing this). Here we go...

1. The spiders in Nigeria are Tenants while the ones in Canada are Landlords. 
You might be wondering, what is this girl even saying.. Don't worry, I'll explain.
See ehn, in Nigeria, spiders are on their own, in one corner of the ceiling, building their houses and basically occupying their portion of the house and you can chase them any-time you want with your long-broom.
However, their relatives over here in Canada are something else. They are Landlords of the house. They stroll into your parlour and kitchen any-time they want. On days when it is cold, they stroll into your bed for a warm cuddle with you(I'm serious) warranting you to leave the space for them. My brethren, I kid you not.

2. The spiders in Nigeria are Malnourished, the ones in Canada are overfed
This comparison was actually coined by my housemate Dinah the first day we saw a spider in the first house I rented in Canada. I kid you not, they are very big. The spiders in Canada should be another species entirely. I would have showed you some pictures but I love you my readers so much to gross you out.

Anyway, my rant about spiders is over and its now 4.00am.
I really need to sleep because today is my first day at work and I have to report at 9.00am. Well (shrugs). I'm even too tensed to read my anatomy book and I am blogging now because I can't sleep and I can't be staring at the ceiling either.

It's convocation season again and everybody is graduating and I'm here like "2017 do and reach already". Happy graduation to all those graduating and I pray that you succeed in wherever life takes you to.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Sending you lots of love from Kitsilano Beach (cos it's summer)

lots of love: from the beach
Hugs and Kisses. XoXo


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    1. hehehe. I won't ohh. as long as those spiders respect themselves

  2. Lmao am done with you :( can't believe this is what you were typing with all seriousness last night!

    1. my dear ohh. This was not even what I planned to type ohh. but well...

  3. Lmao am done with you :( can't believe this is what you were typing with all seriousness last night!


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