Monday, 25 May 2015

This Stephanie's new show is everything

Hi Lovelies,
How are you enjoying your new week so far?

Well, I was on the blogs lately and if I say I am happy with what is preently going on in Nigeria, then I must be the biggest liar.
I saw a Batta Box Video in which people were complaining about the latest fuel scarcity. One guy said he bought a litre of fuel for 500naira just so he could charge his phones. The other man paid 1000naira as transport fare for something that was usually 150naira.
To add to these, Banks are closing up and even universities and radio stations are not left out. I don't think it has ever been this bad. What is happening in Nigeria????

Anyway, this was the majority of what I was seeing until I stumbled upon Stephanie's Linus new reality show titled "Make me Fabulous". It is the only positive thing I have seen online today and it put so much smile on my face and I thought I would share with you. Please watch it if you can and I trust it would make you smile.

Watch First Episode of "Make me fabulous"

Please remember Nigeria in your prayers oh. The new government takes over on Friday and I just want things to get better as soon as possible.
That will be all for now.
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Hugs and kisses. XoXo.
Have a wonderful week.

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