Friday, 8 May 2015

My thoughts on Motherhood

Hello Everyone
How was your week ?
Now this post I am about to write has been in my drafts since last year but I never completed for reasons best known to me. However, I am completing it again because I read something recently that sparked back my interest.

So sometime in November last year, a viral video went off about a Ugandan house-help that was seriously hitting a child so vehemently. The video was so graphic that I almost  threw up and never watched it to the end. It was on one of the blogs I follow that someone made this comment about the incidence that caught my attention. The guy in question wrote and I quote,
"Instead of the foolish woman to stay at home and take care of the child, she is busy working. Serves her right   "
And I was like "what"? And that was how the idea for this blog post came about.


Anyway, so few days ago, I saw another story on one of the blogs on how a nanny was caught breast-feeding her madam's son (you can ewwwwww again). If you are also familiar with social media, you should have heard of the 3 Orekoya boys that were kidnapped and held hostage by their nanny, thank God they have been found. All these happenings was a wake-up call for me to write this post.

Now motherhood is something I think about all the time, and I think every woman should unless you are not aspiring to have your own children. But while thinking about that, it also came as a shock that a huge chunk of my life (20+ years) have been spent going to school. Now, it is common knowledge that children slows down a woman, your ability to get back on your feet again is another issue and topic for another post.  

I want to be a career woman, I just feel it is a very big sin to waste about 20 years of my life only to give it up once children comes to open one buying and selling business like most women end up (the thought doesn't just appeal to me). Now how does one make use of a nanny since we are having all these creepy stories; trust me I have heard even worse.  If I say I'm not scared, I'm lying.

That is why till today, I respect any woman that has it at her career and still keeps her family up. I give  it to them; they are the real mvp.

In conclusion, Does it make me selfish if I want to work out what I've been studying for since I was born? Does it make me sound feminist on the other hand? The greatest achievement to me of a woman is combining both work and family effortlessly.

Brethren, this is my dilemma. How does one achieve that
Anyway, I guess I'll just wait till then, somehow I think I'll cross that hurdle. But till then, I'll keep thinking.
Please, please and please, share your views. 
Let me hear what you think. Do you think it is an overkill, or I am worrying right? If you have tips, please let us know.

hugs and kisses from Edmonton

Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo


  1. Gives me great cause for concern too plus dis whole nanny mishaps very creepy, really would love to be a successful career lady and also a great mum, God help us women. Nice pics by d way.

    1. Thanks hun. This was encouraging and I feel better already by just letting it out.

  2. Nah it's not selfish! After all the sleepless nights, looking awfully dressed because your stressed, even forgetting to eat because your so busy with school work. It is only right to enjoy what you worked for. Since God gave you the brains to succeed in school, he'll surely give your the brains and also the grace to be a super mom :) xoxo. Btw I look so pretty in that picture

    1. I know right, it's just crazy. Thanks hun for the kind words. God will surely see us through.


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