Monday, 4 May 2015


Knock knock knock..... Is anyone here? (walks in)
Happy New month my beautiful blog readers.

goofing around

It's been a while and I truly apologise. I was having exams until the 20th of last month and then, I was thrown into one hell of a hectic and busy two weeks.

How have you all been by the way?
I feel I have a lot to talk about but I don't know where to start from. Anyway, I'm going to make this post very brief.

About two weeks ago or so, I was having my quiet time and the question for discussion got me thinking. The question asked was "Since you accepted Christ, what has changed about you?"
It got me thinking because the true test of Christianity is the visible changes you and the people around you can see at least. Let us leave the invisible one to God. I was happy I was able to answer the question, but since then, I haven't stopped thinking about it.

So my question this beautiful Monday morning for my Christian blog readers is this "what has changed since you accepted Christ"?
You should ponder about it. You can share if you so wish to encourage others.

Anyway, Betty is back so expect some posts this coming week.
Have a great week friends.
Sending you hugs and kisses from Edmonton.
Xoxo Betty.


  1. My thoughts have been kinda positive. My attitude with others has been soft and kind.

    1. Wow that's great Ugo. Thanks for commenting.


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