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Meet Praise - "beautiful in white"

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Full name: PraiseGod Thompson Elesenye aka Hillel, Londa

Dob: 19th April 1994 (hooray!!! it's her birthday. Happy 21st)
beautiful in white
Profession: student (B Sc. Nursing  at University of Alberta)

Favourite colour: I really don't have a favourite colour. I just love colourful clothing because they make me look different.

Favourite music: hmm-mm, this is a tough one though because different music means different things to me and they come handy in different music when I need to smile and roll round my bed, naija jams when am working out in the gym...and gospel music when I need to connect with the spiritual being inside of me...
That being said, one music that can make me smile is "beautiful in white" by West-life. And one music I love so much when I want to connect to God is "Lord your presence means heaven to me ". The world could be confusing at times that it's only in His presence you can find peace and fulfilment.

How would you describe yourself: I'm a very timely person., I keep to time except in situations where I cannot help it. I'm very neat, I can't stand one bit of dirt and I appreciate it so much when I meet guys that are neat. I also like the way I talk yo myself when things are going crazy , I sit myself down and talk to myself. I am also a risk taker.There are thing I do and I marvel at how I came to that point; and it also goes both ways but I get to learn a lot from taking risks

Something unique about you: when I want something, I don't give up until I get it (I can testify to this one). My close friends should know I cry a lot and I am so calm after crying. My forgiving a person for pissing me off is attached to my crying because I let go of things I've cried about.
I always displease myself to please others especially those I care about (Betty's note to Praise : you should stop doing this)

What is the one thing you can’t do without? The one thing I can't obviously do without is prayers. I can't imagine my existence without the presence of God. In addition to that, I can barely survive without phone calls especially when I have special and interesting friends (like me) to gist with. I guess I love talking a lot but on phone and not in person. (I can testify to this)

If you had a super power, what would it be? I would go with the power of healing so no child ever falls sick or even if they do, they get healed immediately because they are the loveliest creatures on earth and I hate to see any of them suffer

Which piece of fashion/makeup item you can’t do without? I can't do without my lip-gloss. I feel so weird leaving the house without it. My earrings are also a big part of me; I always take them off but never forget to put them back on when I am about going out.
madam lipgloss

Where do you see yourself in 10years? In 10 years time, hmm, I see myself working as a pediatric nurse, travelling round the world to help kids, having a talk show on televison to create awareness on topics of uttermost concern and being the best mum of 3 kids.
PS: I grew up loving a guy called Earl and he means a lot to me and I hope he becomes the father of my 3 kids because he has a heart of gold.
(Betty's note: Puts on detective gloves and shades and goes in search of mystery man Earl)

Parting words? I might not be that much of an interesting person but I am very emotional, caring and homely.
(and that should be one of the weirdest parting words I have ever heard, well, coming from my weirdest friend ever).

So guys, you have met Praise-God Thompson. Leave her warm wishes below as she marks her birthday today.

New posts coming this week so keep refreshing.

Have an awesome week everyone.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.

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