Sunday, 26 April 2015

Meet Amiebi - "Lulu Lemon"

Guys, it's another friend post; not my fault that two of my good friends were born a week apart. So ladies and gentlemen, meet Dinah, and if you have been following my blog, you'll have no question about who she is... So, drumroll.......

Full name: Amiebi Dinah Dadin-Alli

Dob: 26th April (hooray, happy birthday girl)

Profession: Student. I attend Simon Fraser University, and I Double major in Neuroscience and Minor in Biomedical Physiology and kinesiology. * straight face * Just kidding I'm a Health Sciences Major * shines teeth * and I love it. Lemme leave the neuroscience for mgbeke Betty 

model oshe (hands up)

Favourite colour : Aww I love lemon! Lemon! Lemon! Well I don’t really wear lemon outfits but I sure do make my room lemon (* smiles *) I don’t wear lemon coloured outfits because the colour screams on my skin (lool). But I’ll definitely make my brides maid wear a lemon outfit, from their attire to their shoe and make up (lool).
(side note from me: Hopefully I am not on that bridal train with such awful and hideous colors)

Favourite music: I love any song I can connect to.

How would you describe yourself: Mmmm well I love drama, I love my family, I am self conscious, I love things to be kept in order, a lover of kids and a Jesus lover

Something unique about you: I appreciate the little things in life, like when a baby smiles and like when people do sweet things without really trying or being aware of what they do.

What is the one thing you can’t do without? I can’t do without prayer (Evangelist oshe; two hands in the air)

If you had a super power, what would it be? To read minds!!! OMG! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. I’M sure Betty would want the ability to FLY
(you see what I'm saying? troublesome shii)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Should have achieved a lot of my dreams and already inspiring lives (by God’s special grace)

Which piece of fashion/makeup item you can’t do without? I cannot do without an ear ring and a perfume 

Parting words: For the youngster’s, Yo! Its your life. So live it. Sha don’t forget your gonna be a parent someday. Love y’all muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Any other thing you’ll like to share?
Ehen Betty o, you forgot to ask me of my relationship status. 
Betty: Ahh sorry, so would you like to share?
Dinah: Ya * smiles * its nana ya bizness, stop sniffing into my private life full stop

Anyway, so guys, you've met the awesome Dinah. She's cray right? Well, we love her like that.
Today is her birthday so help me wish her a very happy birthday. 

To celebrate her birthday, she also wrote a poem, bringing out her poetic side: The title is 

"The preamble and palpitations of a man afraid of loosing his hope"

All day all night
I wait for it, it is my latest anticipation, I dread it, I imagine it

Although I know it will happen, I dread it
Everyday comes with a change

Weaker and weaker I get,
Weaker and weaker I become

Looking at my seeds, they depend upon my care
Yet I fail to care

Day by day, I loose my hope
Looking into the eyes of my hope, I see nothing
I dread the day my hope won't return

All I can do is wait
I am now an albatross

I stand at the cross road of my life
All day, all night

Brilliant piece if you ask me.
Happy birthday Dinah

Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Hopefully I will be featured soon on your blog #Junebirthdaycountdown#


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