Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy New Quarter, change and everything else

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Today is Good Friday and I want to use this opportunity to wish all my Christian  readers a Happy Easter celebration. How are you celebrating your Easter? Let me know below. Don't forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.


Welcome to this new quarter, we made it. How do you feel? For those of you that have new year resolutions, how far? Have you kept them? Now would be a good time to access them.

So for the Nigerians in the house, I hail ohh. Let's have some inside talk.
So how do you feel about the elections?
If you are my friend on Facebook, you would have noticed I am very interested in this year's election. Maybe this is because I have been following it from the onset through social media.
What are your view on the results? Many of these PDP fans are still in denial.
Anyway, I tried to be neutral for the most part of the election. However, now that Jonathan is out, I have these mixed bitter/sweet feelings. We pray that the General is able to deliver and even take Nigeria to greater heights.
So that's about the elections, we sincerely pray that the gubernatorial elections next week also go on peacefully.

So my dear, my house almost caught fire last week - this is not an April fool's joke.
We thank God for great deliverance.
The only thing I'll let out is that it's because of one plantain like that ohh. Don't ask me what happened next.

On another note, I went to see Furious 7 last night and it was awesome. I ended up bawling my eyes out in the cinema, I couldn't just stand the fact that Paul Walker is no more! It's so sad! Continue to rest on Paul, you will be missed.  Let me stop here before I will spoil the movie for those who have not watched it. It premieres today.

So what are your plans for this new quarter? You can share them below?
The finals are upon me, remember to pray for me so I can ace them papers.
Hope you experience love this weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Ahhh thank God for deliverance.... for the elections God's will reign no matter what.
    How are you doing dear.

    1. We thank God. I'm fine Ugo. How are you too? Longest time

  2. Can't wait to start seeing major ads in your blog though... Happy Easter!

    1. Yeah, me too. Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by :)

  3. happy belated Easter. elections have never been more free and fair than it is now, we pray it gets better by this weekend during d gubernatorial elections.


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