Friday, 13 March 2015

Does it ever end? Really does it?

This past week was so stressful for me for some reasons best known to it; I was feeling tired and not motivated to do anything.
I would want to blame it to the fact that the semester is almost rounding up, and this is the highest point before it levels off. Also, the midterms I had needed some studying and it showed up as stress when I was done. Or perhaps, it is the fact that my new phone that I just got in January fell into water and has refused to come on, cutting me off from important people in my life (wails uncontrollably)

At times like this, I thank God for the gift of writing, it's a perfect avenue to let out some of the stress. So if you are reading this, and you can feel my stress, just know I wrote this very early in the morning when I was too tired to sleep or even study.
So back to my post, when I mean does it really end, I mean the life of stress and trying to make something out of yourself.
University is the easiest part of life many people say, and this statement never fails to make me shudder. And honestly speaking, I'm beginning to think and reason along that line.
After school, there is masters degree, for those inclined in that direction. Then there is work. Then there is family(I'm making a post about this soon, watch out). Then there is business plans. And mind you, these events are not mutually exclusive, so you have to share your time between them, and that's how your 24hours keep getting smaller and smaller.
Please ohh, if you have done it or you are doing it right now, how do you cope?
I feel there isn't even enough sleeping time.
In fact sef, I'm beginning to rant too much and I feel the post is beginning to divert, but do you get the point?

At the end of the day, I only have one person to blame : why did Eve eat that apple?

I'm sorry if this post seems awful, but well, that's how I've been feeling this week and sharing is caring right? 

By the way, my sister Stella (check more about her here) was asking for resemblance between both of us in these pictures, so help her find it.. Me I can't see anything though except that both pixs are in black and white.

where's the resemblance?

Please have an awesome weekend and have a lot of rest. I'll do myself the favour too.
That will be all for now. Have a great weekend.
PS: there are no hugs and kisses today because I'm feeling meh, and I don't get them back anyway :(


  1. Nice post. If ur looking for an answer, it never ends. Its work and work until u dieeeee lol. It would be boring otherwise, no? And ur not the only one dying from it so cheer up, we're all dying from sleep deprivation(I am talking about you final year project). Anyways, cheer up :) Having a break after all this wahala is the sweetest thing so just hold on a bit more. Hugs and kisses just for you ;)

    1. Thank you anonymous dearest. You just made my day.


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