Friday, 27 March 2015

5 things coming to Canada has taught me

Before I proceed, may we take a moment of wailing and crying for the awesomeness called  Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? (wails while counting to 1 minute)

source: Daily Mail

source: Daily Mail

Okay we may now proceed. By next month, it would be my full 2 years in Canada. As I began to ponder what I was going to post the week, I actually thought of that and remembered all I have learnt. 
So here's what I learnt in Canada for the past two years. Most of these aren't really that new or novel facts, but coming to Canada kinda blew it right out of proportion. You'll see what I'm talking about soon.

1. Change is constant in life.

I'm sure you have heard this line over and over again. Well it's really true and coming to Canada has already taught me that.
Aside from physical change which is very obvious, there have been change on the insides as well. 
However, they said a picture speaks a thousand words or so. So here it is. Judge for yourself. Please say some thing nice.

say something nice, it's a warning

2. Some problems aren't just African. E.g poverty and homelessness

I must say I got a major shock when I visited the Vancouver downtown for the first time. I'm sure that this is common in most downtown areas of American and European countries. It wasn't my fault that I was expecting everywhere to be clean and lined with skyscrapers as we normally see in movies and ads.

Well, Canada had something entirely different. While Canada is very beautiful for the most parts, in downtown Vancouver, there are streaks upon streaks of homeless people and those that are begging the nearest passer by for some change.
So cheer up everyone, some problems are human after all and all countries deal with it. Life is not always rosy on the other side.

3. Nobody cares about you, Really nobody does. so you had better start living.

This is very true, I kid you not. no one really cares about you. These past years of my life have really been my most independent ones and I've learnt a lot. Only close family. really close family show you care. I need not explain more, because I feel there's no need but this is the absolute truth. 

Have this face-kinda attitude at all times

So if you are there, living your life around people that want to control you, you should stop now and start living for yourself. Trust me, it ain't worth shit to try pleasing people who don't care about you in the first place..

4. Things are going to question your beliefs and convictions, You better have a darned good reason why you believe in those things..

Trust me guys, this one is major. Your beliefs and convictions are going to be questioned, both subliminally and openly. My beliefs ranging from religion, morals, sexuality and many more have been questioned. If you don't know why you believe in what you believe in, now would be the right time to find out. 


You don't want to be the one that flows with every wind of doctrine, just like the scalar quantity I learnt in Physics.

5. There is always this guy...

Need I say more? As culled from my Facebook


 Hope you had a nice week?
Continue being awesome. 
Keep Nigeria in prayers, we need good leaders.
Have an awesome weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo Betty.


  1. lols, very funny but thru especially 3 and 4 i learn't d hard way. u just had 2 bring d senseless Facebook chat abi ROTFL. happy two year anniversary in Canada, wish u greater more achievement in ur stay sisie.

  2. N0.2 Corruption too ain't African.
    This piece was fun! :)


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