Friday, 27 March 2015

5 things coming to Canada has taught me

Before I proceed, may we take a moment of wailing and crying for the awesomeness called  Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? (wails while counting to 1 minute)

source: Daily Mail

source: Daily Mail

Friday, 20 March 2015

Celeb 101: How to be a Nigerian "Celebrity"

I was making my usual rounds of social media a few weeks ago, when I stumbled upon this popular comedian on Instagram. Now, this guy on this blessed day has just gotten a show or something and in the process of thanking God and all "his fans", he made mention of a teacher who thought he would never do well in secondary school. The essence of the mention was that the teacher should come see him now, because her predictions obviously did not come to pass.

Source: Google

Friday, 13 March 2015

Does it ever end? Really does it?

This past week was so stressful for me for some reasons best known to it; I was feeling tired and not motivated to do anything.
I would want to blame it to the fact that the semester is almost rounding up, and this is the highest point before it levels off. Also, the midterms I had needed some studying and it showed up as stress when I was done. Or perhaps, it is the fact that my new phone that I just got in January fell into water and has refused to come on, cutting me off from important people in my life (wails uncontrollably)