Thursday, 5 February 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (final part)

Hi guys. 
Let me use this media to say happy new month. How has your February been going? Mine has been wonderful so far.
Valentine's day is coming, hooray!!! What are your plans? Tell me about it by leaving your comments below.

So I'm completing my story today; I think I have stalled enough. If you haven't  read it yet, here is Part 1 and Part 2

"Betty, I thought you were a Christian, that is how you go about stealing people's student number to check their grades? I am disappointed!" 

I was more than petrified. That day, I thought I had suddenly gone dumb because no words of reply seemed to form in my head.
Peace interpreted my silence as proof I was guilty so she continued.

"So it is because you helped me with that assignment that day, you now think that I don't know anything? Chai ! Don't worry sha, I can survive on my own. But just know that it is not good. That is how you go about deceiving people that you are good, meanwhile this is what is in your heart"

"Peace, I really didn't mean what I said" I finally blurted out when the miracle of speech found me again.
"I'm really very sorry, I don't know why I even said it, but I know I will never take any body's number"...

Peace just shook her head and stormed out of the room. That day, I really appreciated the luxury called lectures as all my room-mates had been out during the confrontation. Imagine how they would have looked at me - the student number thief.

For many weeks after that, I really wasn't myself; I mean I felt really bad when I hadn't even done anything, I actually questioned my Christianity. The funny part of the whole thing was that Blessing did as if nothing happened; I mean, I didn't care though as we were really never having any conversation apart from good morning again.

Before I left the university, I was finally happy that at least Peace was able to talk to me and we had a talking relationship, no matter how strained it was; half bread is better than puff-puff. And at least she was able to give me this her spray I had always liked.

So my dear friends, today, when you see me quiet in front of a large crowd, you know why!! But a girl still loves her gossip, and I would rather listen and nod than say a single word. Saying words in many instances had done more harm than good.

Thanks guys for reading.
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Have a bettylicious weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Lol, sorry ya dats wat life's abt sometimes. Hmmm.... No valentine o, first no date den dey just had 2 fix elections on dat day. PS: which makes me glad 2 an extent(lol)

    1. lols, the election has been cancelled so valentine will still hold


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