Thursday, 12 February 2015

The perfect Valentine's + giveaway ;)

Urmm, so Valentine's day is almost here... Hip hip hip, hooray!!!
Growing up as a kid, I never really understood the concept of valentine and why every adult I had met seem to be so against the idea of youths celebrating it. It was branded as the evil day,and this confused me because  it was supposed to be a day of love.

During my junior secondary days, valentine was a day for us to spy on our seniors to know which one was truly loved; or so I thought. Which makes me think of high school love, it's so silly, most people now can't even stand the people they once thought they loved in high school. Anyway, back to what I was saying, the senior girls that day usually got flowers and bottles of the then reigning sprays, right now I can't remember the name but it smelt of vanilla.
Whenever any of the junior girls got a present, we were usually all over them, wanting to know who it was from. High school was so much fun.

Ermm, this should be the perfect valentine's day food cos it has the colors of love:)

As an individual, valentine's day has always been non-spectacular to me. I would often want to attribute that to the kind of up-bringing I had; with my kind of momma, you dare don't say you are leaving for anywhere on that day! Go where exactly? You are sitting your lovely ass down. My mum was badt like that!

In this new era of social media and free WiFi's and MB's, everyone has become a motivational speaker, I get that. What I don't get though is why Africans especially Nigerians can like to demonize everything. For instance, few days to valentine, you will start seeing things like
"valentine is demonic", "valentine is the worship of the devil" etc, etc
Sometimes, I wonder why if we call ourselves Christians or say we believe in God, we then tend to hear more from the devil.

Well people, the good news is that Betty thinks valentine is not demonic; as long as you follow these trusted advice I've gathered over the years

1. Take "the bae" to church, God is love and so it should be about Him.
2. Take "the bae" to any church program.
3. Take  "the bae" to his/her house.
4. Say goodnight and go to your house in peace.

If you follow these steps, I trust your valentine will never remain the same again, and if "the bae" breaks up with you because of that, then, well... I don't know.
If you know any other way to anti-demonize the valentine's day, you can drop it in comments below.

So I'm doing a giveaway today, hooray! Because it's the first time, I'll limit it to people in Vancouver only (I'm sorry guys other places, I still love you plenty).
So first person from Vancouver to drop a comment about anything meaningful about valentine's day gets a box of  Rocher Ferero chocolate pack of 16.

Pic cred: Rocher Ferrero Canada

Just leave a comment dropping your email addy's and where you are commenting from.
If no one comments sha, I'll just finish my box of chocolate alone :)

That will be all for now. Please show love, you don't have to wait for one day for to show love specially.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo


  1. Nice post. Bae to church=no more bae lol. No chocolates for me, unless ur willing to spend millions on shipment :)

    1. Hmmm, that bae, you need to reaccess that relationship ohhh. You shoulda dropped your location, you never can tell.

  2. Lol, very funny. Momma was badt, girls weren't smiling. Happy val 2 those celebrating.

    1. My dear ohh, I thank God though cos we turned out well.

  3. Lol! Tell "them"darling. Drop me by the door, say good night and go home. The pastor is not hiding in my house.

    1. My dear, you know this ohhh. I think someone just won some chocolates 😉

  4. Betty not fair I want my chocolate. As for my suggestion take the bae to the river for Baptism to nullify the satanic spirit... Lol

    1. Wonderful and brilliant idea faith. Don't worry, I'll look for a better giveaway that will reach more people next time.

  5. Lmao tell em not to take the "bae" home alone. After the church program, beg someone to escort you home with the bae. Y'all need a third party present to avoid temptation.

    1. My dear, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you 😊. Great idea.


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