Friday, 27 February 2015

Word of the day - Synesthesia - "real life super man"

People of God, I greet ohh.
How are you all doing? How's your week going?

Ermm, so as usual, I was in class on Tuesday this week and we were learning about the anatomy and physiology by which specialized cells, such as the rods, cones, bipolar and ganglion cells together with the machinery responsible for vision, an entity known as the eyes, helps us to see. 
I just have a habit of making things sound very scientific so that it has an air of importance around it, but really, we were just studying about the eyes.

You see, this my instructor is really attractive(gives side eye) and funny, and I actually loved the subject and I had gotten my good night's rest so I was really following the lecture.
However, what piqued my attention far above the reasonable threshold was when he diverted and started talking about people who can actually see sounds; that is, each sound has a particular colour to them.

Friday, 20 February 2015

In his shoes...

It was my last class for the day and I strutted lazily towards the hall that I was going to be spending about 50 minutes of my time for that day. Maybe I would have walked to the class more enthusiastically if I hadn't been quite bent on sleeping by 4am when I had an 8.30am class. This wasn't entirely my making, I had just finished my first set of midterms, and I had to celebrate in a kind of way, even if it meant staying up till that time, doing sweet nothings.

What actually inspired this post is not necessarily the fact that I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud at the boy in front of me taking pictures of my instructor and posting it on snapchat, or the fact that a class that supposedly had an enrolment of 130+ students had less than 50 students or so in attendance. The previous day, a friend on snapchat had also uploaded a similar video, the only difference being her instructor had an even smaller turnout of students.

this master piece is courtesy of my lovely friend Dinah... 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The perfect Valentine's + giveaway ;)

Urmm, so Valentine's day is almost here... Hip hip hip, hooray!!!
Growing up as a kid, I never really understood the concept of valentine and why every adult I had met seem to be so against the idea of youths celebrating it. It was branded as the evil day,and this confused me because  it was supposed to be a day of love.

During my junior secondary days, valentine was a day for us to spy on our seniors to know which one was truly loved; or so I thought. Which makes me think of high school love, it's so silly, most people now can't even stand the people they once thought they loved in high school. Anyway, back to what I was saying, the senior girls that day usually got flowers and bottles of the then reigning sprays, right now I can't remember the name but it smelt of vanilla.
Whenever any of the junior girls got a present, we were usually all over them, wanting to know who it was from. High school was so much fun.

Ermm, this should be the perfect valentine's day food cos it has the colors of love:)

Thursday, 5 February 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (final part)

Hi guys. 
Let me use this media to say happy new month. How has your February been going? Mine has been wonderful so far.
Valentine's day is coming, hooray!!! What are your plans? Tell me about it by leaving your comments below.

So I'm completing my story today; I think I have stalled enough. If you haven't  read it yet, here is Part 1 and Part 2