Friday, 23 January 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (Part 2)

Hello everyone, happy Friday to you. 
So today I proceed to my story which I started a few weeks back. A lot of you have been asking for the sequel, and even though I promised to release it the next week, I've just been so busy with school. So forgive me.

In case you haven't read the first part, check it out here. That way you can understand the story.

... I never knew that trouble was waiting for me, it was only a matter of a few days. And with the way things were going, it seemed the day of trouble had finally arrived.
There was another of my room-mate, let us call this one Blessing. So one day, I and Blessing were coming back from class together; when I look back now, I wonder why I was even with her that day because I usually came back with my close friend. When trouble is calling you, it really makes plans and makes sure those plans turn out well.
So me and Blessing were coming back ohh, and we started discussing as two normal people would. At a point in the discussion, we started talking about our academics. We were talking about another course, not the one that Peace has banged though so you don't mix things up. So this is how the discussion went;
Blessing: Ermm Betty, do you know that results are out?
Me: Yes ohh, I even checked mine today.
Blessing: Really? How was it?
Me: It was fine, I think I did okay. How about you?
Blessing: Mine was fine too. Peace told me that she got an A in the course
Me: (visibly rolls eyes) biko, not Peace again
Blessing: What happen na? Why are you behaving this way?
Me: Abeg, I don't believe that Peace got an A
Blessing: Why?
Me: Is that not how last time she said she also got an A only for me to find out that she failed the course? I'm tired sef, I would just go and look for her student number myself so I can be checking her results so that she won't kill me with lies 
Blessing: Hehehehe. I didn't know ohhh
Me: Abeg, let's talk about another thing

So we continued our discussion and went back to the hostel that day,and I even totally forgot about the whole incident.
Fast-forward to two days later, I was in class when I got a call from Peace saying she wanted to see me. I thought about what I must have done; I cleaned the room and washed the toilet when it was my turn, so what must be the problem?
I got back to the hostel after my class and Peace was waiting for me on her bunk.
As I entered, I was like "Peace, you wanted to see me"? The next outburst was not expected...

"Betty, I thought you were a Christian??? That is how you go about stealing people's student number and checking their grades? I am disappointed"

 You guessed right, I almost fainted....

I am going to end this installment here. It's not as if I'm teasing you but I really hate long posts. I'll upload the final installment soon so be on the look out.

How was your week? I really wish and I would try to post more, but that depends on how much free time I have between studies.
I do hope you have an awesome weekend.
Please comment, comment and comment again.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo. 


  1. Lmao I tot u were a Christian?? That got me. I assume the next post is gonna be in February sister berry?

    1. Lols, Dinah I'm a Christian ohhh. But I might just surprise you with the next post, you never can tell

  2. Wow!! really? Interesting. Seriously anticipating part #3. Ride on

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  4. Lols, Betty chai!! be a Christian nd don't steal people's exam number..


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