Friday, 9 January 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (Part 1)

If you have probably met me in the midst of a large group or gathering were a discussion is going on, the first thing you will notice is that I hardly talk. There are two reasons for this; the first reason which is very obvious even to the blind is that I am a very shy and introverted person. The second reason is the motive behind this blog post. Listen attentively, I'll tell you a true story that happened to me. I've changed the names but the story is very much true.

It was my first year in university, I was moving far from home and I was very young at 16 and fresh off high school. I was going to be living in the hostel for the first time and I honestly did not know what to expect as I've been a day student all my life. 
So when I got to my room at my hostel at a very prestigious Federal University in Nigeria, and discovered I would have 11 room-mates, I promised myself I was going to make new friends and get along with them since I had no choice because I was far from family.
Fast forward to the middle of the semester, I was good friends with just one of my room-mates but at least on a friendly and social level with others. 

When the first semester results started coming out, we were quite tensed because there was this difficult course that we all took and quite didn't know what the result would turn out to be. You know that type of  course where old students who took it previously could bet on their lives that the questions would come from a certain place in the book, then the instructor surprises you by setting an entirely different thing? That was what happened. Everyone was speechless when we saw the exam questions so you could understand the tension as we awaited our results.
When the result came out, I had managed to pass with a C. I was very happy, I never hexperrerit but God gave it to me. A few of my 
friends also barely passed the course but at least we were happy that we won't take it again.

Then problem came. There was this my room-mate, let's call her Peace. That day, we were all in the room and Peace came very happy and told us that she had gotten a B(I'm using a B because I can't quite remember if she called an A) in the course. We were very happy for her genuinely and really commended her on how she had done well in a very difficult course.
Then one day, our course rep brought a list. The list had those who had failed the course and needed to see the lecturer for further inquiries. Till today, I don't know how I managed to see that list but all I could see was my room-mate, Peace on the list.
I was more than disappointed and wondered what had warranted such blatant lie, I mean, no one had asked of her grade, she told us willingly. I soon got it out of my mind though and never asked her about it, but I never knew that trouble was waiting for me, it was just a matter of a few days...

Yeah, so guys, you know how I feel about long blog posts so I'm going to end this first installment here and post the remaining probably next week so be on the lookout. I'm going somewhere.
Do you like the story so far? Drop comments if you do, they keep me going.

How was your week? Hope it was marvelous?
Have a splendid weekend ahead and keep being awesome.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Lols, some girls sha eh! Waiting 4 d rest of d gist...

    1. Hehehe, I know right. Watch out for next week then.

  2. Betty u must finish this gist ooo... Can't wait for Part 2

  3. Lmao, the next week is over already o. Still no post!!!


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