Monday, 5 January 2015

New year, resolutions and iro and buba

Happy new year my good people.
How has the new year been so far?
This year is going to be a very good one, I can feel it already. Can somebody shout amen! (That's prophetess Betty in action). 

who loves my makeup? Happy new year

Now onto new year resolutions, did you make any?  If your answer is no, then we're together on this. I'm not a fan of new year resolutions anyway.. Why wait until the new year to change that habit or do that thing you really wanted to do? I feel resolutions are just a sorry excuse for procrastination, and anyway, lets keep our fingers crossed and wait till February to see who still has their resolutions. 
This year, I encourage you to make goals instead of resolutions. Aspire to grow and become a better person, and that's how I revealed my goal for 2015.

My good people, I made iro and buba ohh, and I was jejely waiting for Sunday so I could do my modelling. However, heavens had other plans and it rained all day and to crown it all, the pictures I took indoors were so horrible (weeps profusely). I need that Nikon camera in my life. Anyway, you have to make do with these ones I took off my snap-chat.
see how blurred it looks ;(

But you still get the gist right? (I'm wearing self-made iro and buba)

On another note,I've got news for ya'll. My holidays are officially over (inserts sad face) and school starts tomorrow. I'm both happy and sad, happy because the earlier school start, the faster I get to final year, and sad because my holidays are over.

Before I go, I'm leaving you with this song by Cobhams Asuquo. It marvels me how a blind guy can achieve so much. If this isn't enough inspiration for this year, I wonder what will.

Don't forget to leave your comments.
Have an awesome week and 2015.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Wore mine last week, will show later. Love d bag nd shoe 'btw' wen are u shipping it 2 me?

    1. snap and send ohh, we need to see you. the shoe and bag, ermm, will think about it


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