Sunday, 20 December 2015


It's me...

FYI : I cut my hair for those who have been sleeping on a rock

There is something therapeutic about writing things, I don't know what it is, or maybe it's just me... Does anyone in the house feel that way too about writing? As I was close to finishing my finals and I thought about blogging something, there was this wave of excitement that filled my heart.
Let me tell you a secret guys; I first noticed this thing because of a pastor that came to visit our church once. Whenever you feel you have a problem you don't feel like talking to anyone about, try writing down a letter to God... I'm being serious here, just address the letter to God; that is you are praying now but it is in form of a letter.. It works like mad.
Is anyone getting my point? 

Erm, I digress. Where did we stop the last time? Blog readers ohhh, where did we stop??
Before I proceed, 

Is it too late now to say sorry
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?  (Singing in my best voice)

Monday, 14 September 2015

3 Scriptures - September 2015

Hey everyone
The last time I blogged about Scriptures in August (missed it? not to worry. click here), I promised I was going to make it a regular feature. So here is the scripture for September.

Scripture 1 - Romans 8:33-38
The Apostle Paul should be one of my favorite Bible person. Whenever I read any of his letters, he comes across to me as someone with high intellect and knowledge. But this is not about Paul, I digress.

I love this passage because it reminds me of the steadfastness of God's love in every situation. This scripture comes across to me as a challenge from God; something like "oya tell me what you want to mention now that you think can separate us that I did not list here.."
Common, they even listed life and death....
So cheer up people, nothing, I repeat, nothing can separate us from God's love.

Scripture 2 : Romans 8:28
Romans 8 should be one of my favorite scriptures so sorry that all my scriptures for this month is culled from there.
Erm, this scripture is one of my favorite ones because it is a source of comfort. Have something ever happened to you and you were like "how? But God that was not in the plan!"
Now don't get me wrong; there are times that things go wrong and we must pray because prayer is a vital too; don't underestimate that and say "all things work together".

But whatever happens to you, just know it is working for a greater good. I've seen this happen first hand in my life so I know what I'm saying.

Scripture 3 - Romans 8:14,16

I love this scripture especially the second verse and I'll tell you why.
If you came from a Christian family just like me, chances are you probably responded to your first altar call when you were a child, maybe around 8-9 years.
I wish it was all it took and we could have been okay, but that wasn't all.
You saw yourself going back to that altar when next a guest minister comes to church and makes an altar call that touches your heart. You repent again and the cycle continues probably into teenage.

You get where I'm going? For people like me, we needed that conviction that we are children of God. I was tired of the altar call cycle. I needed one last real experience. And trust me, when I first stumbled upon this scripture, I was like Halleluyah.
I don't know when the final "altar call" happened, but I know that when it did, I had that conviction that I am now a child of God, and this time, it was for real...
I never doubted it again.

Yeah, so there you have it.
3 scriptures for September.
Which one do you relate to the most? 
Hugs and kisses.

Friday, 11 September 2015

1 year blogaversary

Hip Hip Hip.....
Sometime last year in my little room, I was at the edge of boredom and didn't know what to do about it.  The only thing that came to my mind then was blogging, and most people who know my impulsive nature will know I didn't even think twice. I just headed straight into it.

One year later, I must confess I'm no longer bored hence the frequency of my posts has reduced.. Having a blog have made me realize that to be a successful blogger, you must be talkative in nature... Or else how can you explain having to write new things on a daily basis?
I am just trying to give excuses for not posting more, but today is not a day of excuses. I am grateful to all my readers and everyone who has supported this blog in one way or the other.

So on my anniversary I am presenting to you some of my blog stats
In the past year, I've published a total of 64 posts this one inclusive. If I should add those I abandoned in the drafts section and those that never got published, that number would be closer to 80

Blog Hit.
We are just a few numbers short of 10,000 hits. I know it is not a lot, but given the fact that I don't blog often and I have not really advertised the page, it's a starting point. 10,000 hits is not rice and beans with moin-moin jor.

Top five Countries most viewed
The top five countries that viewed my blog the most were
1. Canada
2. United States (it closely pursues Canada)
3. Nigeria
4. United Kingdom
5. Netherlands ( I don't know anyone here ohh, but whoever you are, keep up the good work)

Top 5 posts.
The blog posts you guys read the most are
1. Meet Faith - sixty pairs
2. Meet Stella : Miss Eyebrows
3. Grateful, Thankful, Hopeful!!!
4. Happy weekend/who wore it better
5. Ermm, everybody submit

Yeah, so those are the stats.
I want to thank anyone who have left a comment or encouraged me.
You might wonder if I have new blog resolutions, well, my earnest desire is to blog more : So help me God.
Maybe I'll just create a schedule and stick to it, what do you think?

 So today I really want to hear your honest opinions
How do you think I can improve the blog in the coming year?
What features would you like to see?
What do you think I am doing wrong? (and how do you think it can be made right)
What do you want continued?
I am really open to suggestions and "constructive" criticism so fire away..

And please do me a favor; if you haven't liked the facebook page yet, Go ahead and do so.. That way, you won't ever miss a post...

Till the next post comes your way, happy anniversary and long live bored betty's musings.
Hugs and kisses.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Due to popular demand!!!

Praise Master Jesus.........
Can somebody shout Hallelujah...

I finally make a blog post after how many years.. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me and the blog ohh. You are the real mvp!!!

Ermm, a lot of things have been going on ohhh... A lot of things have happened since the last blog post. This blog is just an update..

Btw, this month is my blog's birthday... Who can guess the day? I can't believe it's up to a year since I started writing.. I'm not bored again ohhh. Maybe I should change the name of the blog now that my boredom have gone.. Name ideas anyone?

Happy New month sha to everyone.
I know this post is just everywhere, but what can I do nau? I'm so excited to write again ohh. I'ts been so long..
Between the last post and this one,
1. Kanye has aspired to be president
2. I lost my purse and found it again. Who remembers the last time I lost it? I posted it here.
3. I moved and changed apartments. Who remembered the post where I was also looking for one?
4. I wrote final exams, had holidays and school is resuming again ohhh...
5. Summer literally ended in Vancouver and rain started falling.
6. I had power outage for the first time in 3 years up to 24hours. I thought the world wanted to end that day.

And I can go on and on... But ... Well, Let me stop here.
How are all of you? What's been going on?
It's fasting period, hope you all are fasting?
2015 is almost over ohhh... Hope you are begining to take stock and readjust goals if need be?

I would have left a picture but I have not snapped any lately so manage this one for now. I took it off my snapchat and I have sinced destroyed this natural hair you are seeing here...

Hugs and kisses.
Like and share ohhh....

Monday, 3 August 2015

3 Scriptures - August 2015

Hey loves (hides face)
How is everyone? It's really been a while.
Between today and my last post, a lot has happened. My birthday has passed. I'm not even surprised I didn't make any post for myself on my birthday; I'm the kind of person that will ginger in other people's matter and just slack when it comes to myself.
Well, I hope you all are fine? Happy new month everybody.

I thank all of you that take time to read my blog and give constructive feedback and comments, you are the real mvp.

The post for today will be drawn from the Bible; Yaas, the Holy Book.
I'm trying to see if I can make this a regular feature every month? What y'all think?
You see, the Bible is my favorite book on earth, and I pray for grace to even study it more than I already do. So today, I'll just drop 3 of my favorite verses from the bible and I'll explain why.

1.  Isaiah 43:1-2
This scripture is my all time favorite because it means a lot to me. I might be going through a bad day and all I need to cheer me up is this scripture. In fact, the whole Isaiah 43 is bae.
The thing I love most about it is how personal it really feels.
Anytime I read this verse, I just get into this place were I feel like God is really telling me "Look, Betty, you are my daughter, you are MINE. I know your name and I'll see you through whatever you are going through".

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ermm, this style of taking compliments has to stop ohh

Clears throat! Nigerians in the house I hail ohhh.
I'm coming for y'all right now.. Because honestly, I have not seen any other person from another country do this.
Now, before y'all come for me, I've probably done a few of what I'm about to write now. But mehn, I've seen some so grand that it had to result in a blog post.


So you see a Nigerian with a nice outfit, looking so glam that you have to drop compliments.
For someone like me, when I don't like something, it is really not so hard to hide (which is very bad because I need to work on my pretence skills). Which brings us to the point that if I compliment you, I truly mean it and that means I really like how you look.
Biko, what's wrong with saying a simple "thank you" when you receive a compliment?
Oya let me paint typical scenario with a Nigerian

Scenario 1
ME: Chidombo, you look nice ohh, I really like your outfit..
CHIDOMBO: Wash, wash, why can you wash me like this... Na wa ohh.

Scenario 2
ME: Chidombo, I really like this your shoe
CHIDOMBO: Argh, na you ohhh... My own sef no reach you. I dey learn work were you dey. I want to be like you when I grow up...
ME: (inserts confused face) Really nigga???

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Grateful, Thankful, Hopeful!!!

Hello my lovers, how are you all doing?
I officially welcome you to the first day of the First month of the second half of 2015. Congrats, you made it.
Happy Canada day to all my jolly folks in Canada. This is the 3rd Canada day I am witnessing, how time flies.

First thing first, check out this music! I'm blown away, like literally blown away. So clean. The title is praying for peace

As regards this post, I want to share with you what I'm grateful for in the past first half of the year. I learnt early in life the importance of gratitude and I won't take many things in life for granted. It's been a long ride, many things didn't go as planned, but in all, I give thanks to God. So here we go and this is my attempt at keeping things very short.

Yay!!! New month

1.) Thankful for Life
I am grateful for the fact that I'm alive. Many times, it is easy to take for granted the fact that life is very fleeting and can be lost at any moment. I am grateful for the one time this year that my house almost caught fire but God kept us and put out the fire (my house-mate is a very organized person who loves to put things in place, but the fact that she overlooked my hair towel that I left in the parlor for over a week which we eventually used to put out the fire is nothing short of God's mercy).

Thursday, 25 June 2015

What is going on with weddings of nowadays???

Hello people, how are you doing?
I know, it's been ages and I apologise. I've been so busy.
Have you filled out the survey? It ends next week ohh.


Any way, on to today's topic (idea credit to dahling Dinah).
So you guys know I'm mostly making my social media rounds every now and then to keep up with what is going on this world.
While I was doing that, something caught my attention. Take a look at this for a moment.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Arachnophobia!!!!! (Canadian vs Nigerian)

Ermm, happy Friday everybody...

So I'm typing this post at 3.33am on Friday morning in my housemate's room since a spider has decided to take ownership of my room. God knows there is no way I'm sleeping any-time soon. If you should step into my room now, you'll probably die of suffocation because the amount of insecticide I sprayed inside that room can sustain a house for a year. I hate spiders with all my life; with every fibre of what makes me Betty. Did I tell you I moved out of my last apartment because of spiders? And now I have seen it in this house after 8 months. Maybe this is a sign from the Lord that I have to move out of this house very soon. Maybe...

By the way, for those of you living in Canada ohh, have you ever noticed the spiders in Canada before and how they are different from the ones back home?

Well, I have compiled the differences between Canadian spiders and Nigerian spiders (I can't even believe I'm truly writing this). Here we go...

1. The spiders in Nigeria are Tenants while the ones in Canada are Landlords. 
You might be wondering, what is this girl even saying.. Don't worry, I'll explain.
See ehn, in Nigeria, spiders are on their own, in one corner of the ceiling, building their houses and basically occupying their portion of the house and you can chase them any-time you want with your long-broom.
However, their relatives over here in Canada are something else. They are Landlords of the house. They stroll into your parlour and kitchen any-time they want. On days when it is cold, they stroll into your bed for a warm cuddle with you(I'm serious) warranting you to leave the space for them. My brethren, I kid you not.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Meet Faith - sixty pairs!!!

Hey guys,
Today's post is special because Faith is a loyal blog reader and this feature is to celebrate her birthday which is today. Meet uber-beautiful, intelligent and multi-talented Faith.

Full name :Chuku Faith Ariwera  

DOB10th June (Happy birthday hun)

ProfessionYaasss I am a student. Studying Biomedical Genetics at Newcastle University. People always mistake me for a medical student (oshe)…

Friday, 5 June 2015

Complete this survey and enter draw to win a prize!!!

Hi awesome people,
I am carrying out a survey because I am trying to understand some trends. Try to be honest as possible because the survey is totally anonymous. Your IP address and name will not be collected so feel free. You can also send your friends the link so that they can participate.

source: Google

The survey is open until the 30th of June, 2015.
You can complete the survey only once.
Here is the weblink to the survey.

Once you have finished taking the survey, you can drop your name and email address in the comment box below and you will be entered in a draw to win a fantastic prize. Please enter your name only once.

Here's the survey link again

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Funny interview + word conference in 7 sentences

Hey Buddies... Watagwan? Wadup??? yo yo yo yo.. Betty is in the house.. rastafari.. bomboclat
(shines teeth sheepishly and types on)

So what's up?
Happy New Month by the way. It is June already. I can't believe we are in the last month of the first half of the year already. I feel like it was just yesterday that the new year started.

Happy New month erbady......

Anyway, I was at a job interview yesterday ohh. The interview was a group interview and honestly I wasn't prepared for anything like it. So the format is that the hiring managers will ask a question and everyone takes turns in answering them in the group.

So the first question was "Introduce yourself"
We were answering the questions and then this dude just went off like "MY NAME IS .... AND I LOVE PRESSURE, IN FACT I DERIVE PLEASURE FROM WORKING UNDER PRESSURE AND I CAN SURVIVE ON IT"
I'm not kidding you and in my mind I was like "How?"
I could see the hiring manager trying all his best to stifle his laughter. Things an interview can cause.

Monday, 25 May 2015

This Stephanie's new show is everything

Hi Lovelies,
How are you enjoying your new week so far?

Well, I was on the blogs lately and if I say I am happy with what is preently going on in Nigeria, then I must be the biggest liar.
I saw a Batta Box Video in which people were complaining about the latest fuel scarcity. One guy said he bought a litre of fuel for 500naira just so he could charge his phones. The other man paid 1000naira as transport fare for something that was usually 150naira.
To add to these, Banks are closing up and even universities and radio stations are not left out. I don't think it has ever been this bad. What is happening in Nigeria????

Anyway, this was the majority of what I was seeing until I stumbled upon Stephanie's Linus new reality show titled "Make me Fabulous". It is the only positive thing I have seen online today and it put so much smile on my face and I thought I would share with you. Please watch it if you can and I trust it would make you smile.

Watch First Episode of "Make me fabulous"

Please remember Nigeria in your prayers oh. The new government takes over on Friday and I just want things to get better as soon as possible.
That will be all for now.
Please don't forget to leave your comments.
Hugs and kisses. XoXo.
Have a wonderful week.

Monday, 18 May 2015

"Spiritual high" + pictures

Hello lovely people,
You see, when I woke up one morning and decided to start a blog, nobody ever told me that there were going to be periods where you won't feel like writing especially when you are producing original content and not copying and pasting off other bloggers (fellow bloggers in the house shout hallelujah)

Friday, 8 May 2015

My thoughts on Motherhood

Hello Everyone
How was your week ?
Now this post I am about to write has been in my drafts since last year but I never completed for reasons best known to me. However, I am completing it again because I read something recently that sparked back my interest.

So sometime in November last year, a viral video went off about a Ugandan house-help that was seriously hitting a child so vehemently. The video was so graphic that I almost  threw up and never watched it to the end. It was on one of the blogs I follow that someone made this comment about the incidence that caught my attention. The guy in question wrote and I quote,
"Instead of the foolish woman to stay at home and take care of the child, she is busy working. Serves her right   "
And I was like "what"? And that was how the idea for this blog post came about.


Monday, 4 May 2015


Knock knock knock..... Is anyone here? (walks in)
Happy New month my beautiful blog readers.

goofing around

It's been a while and I truly apologise. I was having exams until the 20th of last month and then, I was thrown into one hell of a hectic and busy two weeks.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Meet Amiebi - "Lulu Lemon"

Guys, it's another friend post; not my fault that two of my good friends were born a week apart. So ladies and gentlemen, meet Dinah, and if you have been following my blog, you'll have no question about who she is... So, drumroll.......

Full name: Amiebi Dinah Dadin-Alli

Dob: 26th April (hooray, happy birthday girl)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Meet Praise - "beautiful in white"

For Praise's sister, Confidence, Click here

Full name: PraiseGod Thompson Elesenye aka Hillel, Londa

Dob: 19th April 1994 (hooray!!! it's her birthday. Happy 21st)
beautiful in white
Profession: student (B Sc. Nursing  at University of Alberta)

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy New Quarter, change and everything else

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Today is Good Friday and I want to use this opportunity to wish all my Christian  readers a Happy Easter celebration. How are you celebrating your Easter? Let me know below. Don't forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.


Friday, 27 March 2015

5 things coming to Canada has taught me

Before I proceed, may we take a moment of wailing and crying for the awesomeness called  Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? (wails while counting to 1 minute)

source: Daily Mail

source: Daily Mail

Friday, 20 March 2015

Celeb 101: How to be a Nigerian "Celebrity"

I was making my usual rounds of social media a few weeks ago, when I stumbled upon this popular comedian on Instagram. Now, this guy on this blessed day has just gotten a show or something and in the process of thanking God and all "his fans", he made mention of a teacher who thought he would never do well in secondary school. The essence of the mention was that the teacher should come see him now, because her predictions obviously did not come to pass.

Source: Google

Friday, 13 March 2015

Does it ever end? Really does it?

This past week was so stressful for me for some reasons best known to it; I was feeling tired and not motivated to do anything.
I would want to blame it to the fact that the semester is almost rounding up, and this is the highest point before it levels off. Also, the midterms I had needed some studying and it showed up as stress when I was done. Or perhaps, it is the fact that my new phone that I just got in January fell into water and has refused to come on, cutting me off from important people in my life (wails uncontrollably)

Friday, 27 February 2015

Word of the day - Synesthesia - "real life super man"

People of God, I greet ohh.
How are you all doing? How's your week going?

Ermm, so as usual, I was in class on Tuesday this week and we were learning about the anatomy and physiology by which specialized cells, such as the rods, cones, bipolar and ganglion cells together with the machinery responsible for vision, an entity known as the eyes, helps us to see. 
I just have a habit of making things sound very scientific so that it has an air of importance around it, but really, we were just studying about the eyes.

You see, this my instructor is really attractive(gives side eye) and funny, and I actually loved the subject and I had gotten my good night's rest so I was really following the lecture.
However, what piqued my attention far above the reasonable threshold was when he diverted and started talking about people who can actually see sounds; that is, each sound has a particular colour to them.

Friday, 20 February 2015

In his shoes...

It was my last class for the day and I strutted lazily towards the hall that I was going to be spending about 50 minutes of my time for that day. Maybe I would have walked to the class more enthusiastically if I hadn't been quite bent on sleeping by 4am when I had an 8.30am class. This wasn't entirely my making, I had just finished my first set of midterms, and I had to celebrate in a kind of way, even if it meant staying up till that time, doing sweet nothings.

What actually inspired this post is not necessarily the fact that I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud at the boy in front of me taking pictures of my instructor and posting it on snapchat, or the fact that a class that supposedly had an enrolment of 130+ students had less than 50 students or so in attendance. The previous day, a friend on snapchat had also uploaded a similar video, the only difference being her instructor had an even smaller turnout of students.

this master piece is courtesy of my lovely friend Dinah... 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The perfect Valentine's + giveaway ;)

Urmm, so Valentine's day is almost here... Hip hip hip, hooray!!!
Growing up as a kid, I never really understood the concept of valentine and why every adult I had met seem to be so against the idea of youths celebrating it. It was branded as the evil day,and this confused me because  it was supposed to be a day of love.

During my junior secondary days, valentine was a day for us to spy on our seniors to know which one was truly loved; or so I thought. Which makes me think of high school love, it's so silly, most people now can't even stand the people they once thought they loved in high school. Anyway, back to what I was saying, the senior girls that day usually got flowers and bottles of the then reigning sprays, right now I can't remember the name but it smelt of vanilla.
Whenever any of the junior girls got a present, we were usually all over them, wanting to know who it was from. High school was so much fun.

Ermm, this should be the perfect valentine's day food cos it has the colors of love:)

Thursday, 5 February 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (final part)

Hi guys. 
Let me use this media to say happy new month. How has your February been going? Mine has been wonderful so far.
Valentine's day is coming, hooray!!! What are your plans? Tell me about it by leaving your comments below.

So I'm completing my story today; I think I have stalled enough. If you haven't  read it yet, here is Part 1 and Part 2


Friday, 23 January 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (Part 2)

Hello everyone, happy Friday to you. 
So today I proceed to my story which I started a few weeks back. A lot of you have been asking for the sequel, and even though I promised to release it the next week, I've just been so busy with school. So forgive me.

In case you haven't read the first part, check it out here. That way you can understand the story.

Friday, 9 January 2015

This thing called gossip!!! (Part 1)

If you have probably met me in the midst of a large group or gathering were a discussion is going on, the first thing you will notice is that I hardly talk. There are two reasons for this; the first reason which is very obvious even to the blind is that I am a very shy and introverted person. The second reason is the motive behind this blog post. Listen attentively, I'll tell you a true story that happened to me. I've changed the names but the story is very much true.

Monday, 5 January 2015

New year, resolutions and iro and buba

Happy new year my good people.
How has the new year been so far?
This year is going to be a very good one, I can feel it already. Can somebody shout amen! (That's prophetess Betty in action). 

who loves my makeup? Happy new year