Friday, 28 November 2014

Meet the Mabamidje's

Happy Friday everybody...

I'm so excited about today's post because I'm about to introduce you to something I love very much - Weddings. The beautiful bride (and I mean it, she's gaw-geous) who is also a barrister is my friend's sister. I love the wedding and I got her permission to share. So here we go.

Bride: Barr Mrs Confidence Ugushi Mabamidje (nee Thompson)
Groom: Nyoreme Mabamidje
How they met by the Bride

They met at Madonna university in Nigeria. The groom proposed on her birthday on October 13th 2013.She was born in October, proposed to in October and got married in October.
That's no coincidence mehn. I wish the couple a happy married life.

Traditional wedding

White wedding 

so pretty

yay, He put a ring on it

The highlight of the wedding was when the bride's baby sister displayed some tantalizing moves. Watch below

Traditional wedding venue/date: 9th October 2014, @ Thompson's compound in Rivers State Nigeria
White wedding venue: 11th October 2014, @ First Baptist Church Effurun, Delta state
Photography: Allibi photography

Thanks for reading guys. Have a wonderful weekend.
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