Friday, 14 November 2014

Bus chronicles: the boy on the bus (Part 2)

I shared the first part of this story last month here.

... I smiled for the first time since I woke up that morning.
My Asian friend who happened to come from, I think  Singapore had recognized the book I was studying and decided to start up a convo with me cos he had previously taken the course. He introduced himself as Bryan and then we started a convo

Bryan: Is that Kinesiology you are studying?
Betty: Yeah, I have a midterm this morning so I'm just revising
Bryan: Ohh, that's cool. I took this course few years back; don't worry you'll be fine. The exam isn't that difficult
Betty: Thanks. Cos I'm beginning to get nervous. There's just so much to learn. So what's your major?
Bryan: Kinesiology. I'm technically in my 4th year but I'm still taking some 300-level courses.
Betty: That's great. That means you are almost done?
Bryan: Yeah. That's right. But I'm taking a break for a year. I want to attend seminary school then come back and finish up. Do you know what a seminary school is?
Betty: No, I don't. (I knew what a seminary school was, but maybe there was another type he was talking about)
Bryan: It's a school where they learn about the Bible and teach you about God. 
Betty: Are you serious? Do you wanna become a pastor? (while failing miserably to hide my surprise)
Bryan: I don't know. But I just want to learn more about God. Maybe I might end up teaching. 
Betty: Wow...
Bryan: Yeah, I attend this Willingdon church. Do you attend church? Maybe you should visit mine someday.

Then Bryan goes on and on about why he loves God and how he learns his Bible and how it is different from his other experiences. He talked with so much zeal and gusto and I was really flabbergasted. I was really surprised and impressed because when I was stepping out of my house that morning, I never thought I would even talk about God, more or less, with an Asian for that matter. 
Here was someone greatly fulfilling the Great Commission of the Christians, meanwhile, I couldn't even remember when last I talked to someone about God.

As I walked towards my exam hall that morning, after accepting Bryan's  invitation to attend a fellowship in school, I silently pleaded to God in my heart for mercy in ignoring his commands while asking for grace to be bolder and more active in spreading His word.

Hope you had a great week? Have a lovely weekend.
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