Monday, 6 October 2014

The friendship tag : My honest opinion

Hey Guys,
Happy New Week.
How was your weekend? Hope it was fine?
Mine was pretty much good.
Ermmm, I took some pictures of the hair(not super clear though).

I tried right?

We were laughing because that white man there didn't stop looking into my phone and photo-bombing my selfies. lols. He appeared practically in all of them.

So about this post, I really want to talk about it because friendship means a lot to me; that's probably why I don't have lots of them. There are some funny tags that most of you must have heard that I really want to share. So lets roll.

  1.  If you are Nigerian or African, your parents must have said this to you at one time or the other "Don't let your friends choose you, choose your friends".I always thought this was funny because what about the people you want to choose? Haven't their parents already told them not to let people choose them?
  2. "If you don't "add" anything to my life, I can't be your friend". I always thought this was selfish, were you making friends to use them? so you end up having providers as friends; Nkechi borrows me clothes, John gives me food, Nkem's father is wealthy so I have to roll with the big guys etc.
  3. I can't even remember anymore. I can vouch that I had a long list of them, Where are these tags when you need them?
I personally think friendship should be based on common grounds such as companionship, loyalty and positivity. I think you attract people of your kind and you just click; I've made most of my best friends when I wasn't even looking or trying. And don't worry about bad friends, you can't attract what you're not (or so I think, I'm right abi?)

That's my opinion ohhh. So what do you think? What tags have you heard about friendship? You can share them below!

What I'm listening to right now!
This song is super good. It is called Great Nation and it is by Timi Dakolo : seriously this guy sings so good but I don't know why he is so underated in  :(. I stumbled upon the song on his instagram page. Listen and enjoy. We are all we have!

I hope you have a lovely week ahead. 
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. look fabulous.
    The tags i was s used to was friends are no good so don't have them...i grew out of that bad tag sha.
    i should listen to that song soon:)
    How are you Betty?

    1. Thanks Ugo for your awesome comment. I think I also heard that tag a couple times. Thank God you grew out of it. Yeah you should listen to it.
      I'm fine dear, how are you?


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