Thursday, 16 October 2014


What is your full name? Chinda Chituru Stella
Date of birth? 16th October
Profession? Student

Major/University? Linguistics and Communication Studies (University of PortHarcourt Nigeria)
Favorite color? I love black, it makes me look trimmer cos I'm a little bit on the big side :D
Favorite music? "More" by Lawrence Flowers because it reminds me I owe God everything and "all of me" by John Legend cos I'm a helpless romantic ( you know the prince charming kind of thing)

How would you describe yourself?  I'm a bit of an introvert and so tend to shy away from social gatherings
What is one thing you can't do without? I can't do without my cellphone (seriously its like one minute away from civilization)
Something unique about you? unique- (can't remember o)

What is the one makeup item you can't do without? I really can't do without my eyebrow pencil (my brows are a little too thin for my liking :]
If you had a super power, what would it be? If I had super powers it would be that of clark kent(super man), to be able 2 heal and also save people; it's too sad what the world is turning into

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? In 10 years from now, I see myself as an outstanding radio/television OAP while also making waves in the Make-overs world.
Parting words? Always be yourself because you are an original masterpiece, never die a copy (edited) - John Mason.

On another note, Stella is my elder sister :) and today is her birthday so help me wish her a very happy birthday :)
You can reach stella on facebook by clicking here
Have a lovely week guys.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo

PS: This is the maiden edition of this part of my blog; charity begins at home so I had to use my sister. If you want to be featured, shoot me an email at answering the above questions and attach clear pictures.


  1. seriously do not knw ur relatnshp wiv eyebrow pencil.....i wish also to undrstnd wat u meant by *hopeless romantic*... betty also failed to ask abt her relatnshp status.smh.... I used to knw date of birth to be of a format date/month/year...miss eyebrow's case was extremely diff.....issorite#

    1. lols. Victor and stella be like cats and mouse

  2. Lol, ah ah oya Victor come personally and I'll tell u. SMH ' missy eyebrow' hehehehe....niceeee...a happy birthday to me

  3. Helpless Romantic.... hmmmm..... eyebrow pencil.... I choose to say nufin tho... #issorai

  4. Happy belated Birthday Miss Stella

  5. She's gorgeous.. happy birthday to u miss Stella... have funn! :)

  6. was i left out of the party???...


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