Friday, 24 October 2014

In loving memory: of when we were friends

Hello my people, How are you all?
Hope life is treating you fine?
Thank God it's Friday, my favorite day of the week..

So about today's post, I was wondering what to put up on the blog; I wanted to do a feature but I've not gotten all I need for it. So I don't know what took me to my Facebook page and I stumbled on this update I shared two years ago. It reads

"Time flies, things change, distance builds up, and somehow, best friends become mere acquaintances"

That sucks right? I guess I must have had a really bad day then.

Fast forward to now, this statement still hits home because (and I don't want to believe I'm alone in this) I've seen it happen just too many times to ignore. Why does it happen? Is it just a betty-only syndrome?

Do you remember any particular point in your life when you have these really great awesome friends that you love and then you think they are the best thing that ever happened? But once that phase of life is over, the great friendship dies a natural death and when next you meet those people, you can't even hold up a meaningful 10-minutes conversation - because you've grown so apart and cannot relate properly.

So therefore today, I say to all my past friends who turned acquaintances, I still love and cherish the times we were friends (hope you love and cherish me too)lols. This post is in loving memory to those good periods and times. 

And people, if you have a friend that have stuck with you even after the period where you met them is way past, hold them tight, never let them go. They are rare gems.

Rant over. Have any experiences? You can share below in the comments.

What I'm listening to right now
By the way, have you people seen D'banj's TEDx talk? If you haven't, watch it here

The guy is truly re-branding and he has really done himself and Nigeria proud. He is my Nigerian celebrity of the moment.

Quote of the day : "There is life after mistakes; whoever you are, don't be down for too long"

Do have a lovely weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


  1. Sadly, this is true... Happens to me over and over again... Out of sight, out of mind!!

    1. IKR! It is so darn annoying. Thanks for commenting :)


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