Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Happy Tuesday lovely people.
How are you all doing? How was your weekend like?

So today, I want to share something with you.
I read this off somewhere but I can't really remember where. It says

"once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you"

I tell you guys, no truer words have been said. We are all humans and no one is perfect; we have flaws and imperfections which makes us unique and special. Of course if you were perfect, God would have taken you up like Enoch.


I'm not talking about imperfections like a bad character; of course you'd have to change that if you are going somewhere in life.

I'm talking about accepting the fact that your big head is just awesome and means you have more brains, and your fat lips means you can eat more food, or your big eyes means you can see more things, or your small hands means you are small and adorable right?
No one is perfect. Flaws make us flawless. Embrace your flaws. No one can use it against you then.
Rant over.

What I'm listening to right now
I know I'm so late on this one, but this is my jam for the week. It is "murda" by Seyi Shay ft Patoranking & Shaydee.
And did I mention that this Patoranking guy is so cute? Lols. Watch the video here

That would be all for now.
Do have a lovely week guys.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.

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