Saturday, 11 October 2014

Class, correct or not?

Happy Saturday people!
How are you doing? How was your week?
This past week was graduation week in my school and I knew a bunch of the people graduating so I went to congratulate them and take pictures. 4 years of university is not moin-moin. So congratulations once again to all that graduated and good luck in all your future endeavors.

Congrats Belema, Tekena, Chidom, Amarachi & Precious

So about my Friday night, this semester seems to be going on so fast and I haven't had a break in a long time so I decided to go see a movie since I have thanksgiving break on Monday and I'll be studying for my midterm (argh, I must graduate my own ohh). So I went and I saw this movie " Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day ". It is a very funny movie and I should do a review of the movie sometime later, what do you think? The Friday night didn't end well sha (sobs). I will gist you people later.

So during the week, a friend was telling me about the convo between a student and a physiology instructor that occurred in her class and I decided to share it because it is very funny. It went like this.
Instructor: fair boy at the back, are you in my class..
Student: Yes
Instructor: are you sure you're taking this class and you're in Nursing department
Student: Yes
Instructor: I had to ask because handsome boys are not in Nursing but engineering..
(Class laughs)
Instructor: why are you students laughing at me?
Class: continued laughing
Instructor: class correct or not
Class: correct ...
Ermm, I found this very hilarious and as someone who was once in nursing school, I can certify that it is 100% correct ohhh. There are no fine guys in nursing department ohhh, and any one that manage and fine is the darling of the class.
Do you agree or disagree people?
Ermm, Monday, October 13th is Canadian thanksgiving day. What will you be doing if you are in Canada?
Have a lovely weekend guys. Stay positive
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo

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