Friday, 3 October 2014

Cheers to the frigging weekend

Hey lovely people,
How are you all?
How was your week guys? How are you going to spend your weekend?
As for me, this week was so hectic for me ohhh and I'm so happy I'm finally able to make a post. . I can't just wait for the holidays to come. I spent my week commuting to and from school. I had loads of midterms and school work; most students can relate. Good luck to everyone writing midterms and don't forget to get breaks in between studies.

So for my weekend, I started off by finally fixing my hair by myself. (clap for me). It took me approximately 5 hours. Dinah (my housemate) says the hair is fine, so I must have really done a good job. I'll see if I can post pictures of the hair later.

I'm also house hunting at the moment. I need to move out of where I'm staying by this month's end. So for those of you that are being led in your hearts, you can help me look for a student-affordable 2-bedroom apartment, suitable for 2 very gorgeous looking girls (I really mean that last part, Lols.). You can send me links on the comments.
First Sundays of every month is usually thanksgiving service. This Sunday is October thanksgiving so I'll be in church and you are all invited. That reminds me, uhmm, Christmas is almost here ohhh, and uhnmm, start making plans. Include me in yours ohhh. I can tell you secretly what to buy for me, (don't worry, I'll still pull the surprise look and pretend that I didn't know about the gift).

Weekend Puzzle
Biko, whose child is this?
If you are on either Facebook or Instagram, you must have met him. Whose child is he biko?

Quote of the weekend! ... And I wanna say thank you in case I don't thank you enough... (Beyonce in dance for you)
Y'all awesome.
Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.
Ps: You guys that drop comments: you're the real mvp. Keep reading and commenting.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo!.

N/b: I'm really busy right now so I haven't set up my blog as much I want. I'll do that during the holidays (so expect some changes).  But if you have any ideas or suggestions, or anything in general, you can contact me by mail at


  1. Dis idea of fixing ur hair urself, can some1 really do dat? Can't wait to see d pics tho. Happy weekend

    1. Lols. It's actually very possiblešŸ˜Š. Happy weekend darlingšŸ˜Š

  2. CROWD: We want to see the pix! We want to see the pix!! We want to see the pix!!!

    NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Riots broke out in the streets after a huge crowd rallied to see a pix of Betty's hair she allegedly claim to fix by herself...
    No words from Betty if the pix will be posted sooner or later...
    So for now we wait and hope the Riot Police can handle this...

    1. Lols @ Ray. Check my new post. Problem solved.


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