Saturday, 13 September 2014

Winchi Winchi - My make up Story!

"Betty ohh, look at how you are looking like winch"
This is what comes out of Dinah's mouth every time my attempt to get a very glamorous made-up face on another morning has failed. I don't blame her though, if only she knew how much effort I put into having that look, she will at least appreciate is first, before telling me I look like winch.
my make up bag :)

You see, the thing with make-up is that, I can do without it ohhh. But sometimes, you just wake up one morning and after going through Instagram, you see this very glam look you wanna try out. Everyone does theirs' and it looks fine, but when I try mine, I get the "winchi-winchi" tag. So biko, I have learnt to stick to my simple make-up routine of powder and little eye make-up. But when I wanna bring out the mean side of my housemate Dinah, I try getting  wearing very heavy makeup :p.
my multi-colored eyeshadow. I use only 2 colors :)

And for my not-so Nigerian readers, "winchi-winchi" means "witch" which is a very ugly looking person as defined in my diary.

What I'm listening to right now

So before I conclude, don't forget to check out this song "Drip" by Funckleff, my very good friend. I am not lying, he sounds like Banky W. I even think He sings better. Here are the links on notjustok and his own blog. Please do check it out.

Drip at notjustok
Drip at Funckleff's blog

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  1. Lmao, show us the winchi winchi face

  2. Lol, I know dat feeling but kip trying

  3. Awwwww......don't mind Dinah just be practicing more then very soon she would be telling you to come and do her own makeup


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