Friday, 19 September 2014

Weekend brouhaha

Hey dearies,
How are you all doing? Hope you're good?
Well, it's another Friday! Yay! Great news right?
How are you going to spend your weekend? You can share it with me.
By yours truly..

As for me, I got an invite to a birthday party, so I'll be going. Then I'm gonna study the whole weekend. The midterms are upon me .
By the way, that reminds me, I went for a photo shoot today ohhh. The photo shoot is for the college I attended. Oya, you guys should pray the pictures come out well. Who knows, I'll then establish my modelling profile and before you know, you'll see me on the cover of Vogue (Grins).
No need to remind me jor, I can dream for Africa and the entire universe.
Before I round up ohh, I was thinking,
You know, I should have a name for you lovely people that read my blog, what do you think? It's common practice; Linda Ikeji- Libers, Bella naija- Bellanaijarans,
Berry Dakara- Dakara darlings etcetera etcetera...
So I was thinking
Betty's blog readers can be called :
1. Borednomore-ers,
2. Betty's battalion
3. Bored kings and queens
4. Betty's brouhaha's
Lols... I suck with names right?
Oya I know you guys have awesome suggestions so keep them rolling in the comments section...
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Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


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