Tuesday, 16 September 2014

That's the way it is

Hello lovelies, how are you doing?
How’s your Tuesday going?
As for me, I’m just busy trying to shuffle between school work, because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I'm a
student of course. School just resumed couple of weeks ago and it’s just as if the semester has been running all year long.

    Here's a picture of sunset I took last fall. Beautiful right?                                                                                                              
Well, today’s post is inspired by my journey to and from school as a commuter. For one year, I lived in school, but now, I stay off campus and then I have to take the bus to school.       
Overtime commuting, I found out that when I wake up early and prepare,  everything just goes on smooth; the bus ride is smooth, the driver is friendly, and I get to school on time and everyone is happy.
However, on a typical day when I wake up late,  My day typically goes this way
1.      The clothes I planned to wear doesn’t look fine as it did the night before, but well, who cares? I put it on like that.
2.      I manage to dress up early, but then my key decides to hide in only God knows where and then I have to find it. Meanwhile, I have to walk 5mins to the bus stop and catch the next bus if I want to get to school only 5mins late.
3.      I finally find the key in my jean pocket of the previous day, and then I start walking running to the bus.
4.      The bus does what it knows how to do best,; waltz past me just as I am about getting to the bus stop.
5.      The next bus that’s supposed to come in 15mis comes in 16mins. (Duh, when you are already late, that extra minute counts).
6.      I end up sitting in the bus, or standing as the case may be, and I start the ride to school.
7.      Then the annoying part is that, everyone lives at every stop, so as you can imagine, the ride is very long.
8.      The driver is extra slow. When it get this unique stop, they decide to switch drivers, and the drivers end up talking for like 3mins. Then the new driver takes like 4mins to get settled in. Then we continue.
9.      As usual, new driver is super slow, and people continue to live on every stop. (mind you, I’m already like 10mins late to school)
10.   And when the bus almost gets to school, and you think that maybe, just maybe, there will be a little sunlight after this rain called my bus ride, the bus decides to develop mechanical fault.
11.   We either walk down to school, or wait for the next bus.
12.   And then I walk down to school; who are you kidding? I wait for the next bus jor!
13.   So I get to school, already 20mins late, and then end up sitting at the back, and then can’t see anything in front.

Okay, obviously, you would have offended some unseen powers in your village for all of that to happen to you at once.. All of these situations have never happened to me all at once; but most times its usually a combination of at least 3 or 4 of the major events listed above.
So my question as I round up is “why is it that when I’m early, then I get earlier; but when I’m late, boy, I obviously can’t get later? Obviously, the answer is inspired by Celine Dion's all time song "that's the way it is".

Ever experienced this before? Feel free to comment.
Hope you continue being awesome.

Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.

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