Monday, 29 September 2014

Relationships, they are all that matters right? Uhmm, right!

Wakey wakey! It's Monday again. The weekend just went as quickly as it came!
How did you spend your weekend?
Mine was very uneventful, so nothing much to share except you wanna hear about school which of course would be very boring.
toilet selfies: what I'll probably be doing in between classes and studying today

Anyway, this Monday morning, I'll start off with what I learnt in church two Sundays ago! It was Youth Sunday and our Pastor talked about a very interesting topic and I decided to share with you guys. I naturally have listening ears when it comes to relationship talks so I listened and took notes.

He was like
- Relationship is the core of Christianity even before the laws and commandments : God wants us to have a personal relationship with him even before we talk about laws.
- Relationship with others is important. It should take this order of importance and should never be rearranged
*Your spouse
*Your children
- He placed emphasis on married people. Married folks should never let their relationship suffer because of kids who will eventually leave them someday.
- This one personally got to me; Don't ever leave a place because of quarrels/fights. Make sure you are in peace with everyone before you leave. You may not know when and where you might need their help.
- We should guard against relationship killers example gossip, un-forgiveness, etc.
I'm sure there were many more things he said, but these are all I can remember and share with you.

What I'm listening to right now
This song has been playing on my mind this weekend. Its so calming and it's quite a popular song.
Check out My Redeemer lives by Nicole Mullen.

Btw, today is my good friend and very loyal blog reader Raymond's birthday and I want to wish him a very happy birthday and many more blessings.
That will be all for now. Continue being awesome, conquer this week.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


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