Sunday, 14 September 2014

I will be with you!

Happy Sunday guys...
Hope y'all went to church. Well I did and I picked up some stuffs for y'all. You know, sharing is loving and y'all know I love you right?
Well, today was one one of those days when I was all gloomy and not wanting to go to church, but I did anyway and I'm glad I did because I was blessed. Here's one of my favorite scriptures of all time and it was no coincidence that the speaker decided to read it out today.
very comforting scripture right?
 And plus there was this little cute baby in church that was trying to wear my heels. I quickly removed it from her ohh, abeg I'm not ready to break the leg of another man's child. All in all, I had a nice time.

What I'm listening to right now.
Hey Guys, In the spirit of  sunday, y'all should go check out this song by Preye the "Ebezina" crooner.

Let me famz small: You see, Minister Preye used to be my choir master when I was in teenagers choir like 7 years ago, so I've known him for some time now. Famzing over.
The title of the song is "Hosanna" and it dropped yesterday :). Check it out.
Hosanna by Preye Odede

How about you guys? hope y'all went to church? Any thing you wanna share? just comment below.
Have an awesome week y'all
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.


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