Friday, 12 September 2014

Beautiful Beginnings : Why I love my mum

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So I’m going to begin my first  second official post with why I love my mum : hold on, I know what you’re thinking. It is not an emotional teary eyed rant :p. Most people who know me very well know that I love my mum very much, but what they don’t know is why I love her.
Well, I’m going to give you one of the many reasons why I love her very much.
You see, my mum calls me like once a week or two weeks (as she is led by the spirit), but she always calls me around afternoon in Nigerian time. However, when my mum calls me like for the second time in the same week, and around 7/8 am Nigerian time, then I know something  must be up and it usually takes this format.
n/b : my mum calls me a very special name which well, I cannot share, so I’ll use Betty for this post.
MUM: Betty how you dey?
BETTY:  Mummy I’m fine ohhh., how about you?
MUM: I dey fine. Ehem, Betty ohhh, when last did you fast?
BETTY:  Argh Aargh, mummy, did you dream about me today? No wonder you are calling me first thing in the morning
MUM: you have not answered my question ohh, when last did you fast?
BETTY: Mummy I don’t know ohh
MUM: Chai, this girl has backslided ohhhh. So you are now following bad friends?
BETTY:  Haba, mummy, I don’t even have much friends, and besides, you know I’m a student, I need to eat so I can study fine (rolling my eyes)
MUM: Look, whether you are a student or not, you need to pray. You will do only from 6 – 12,  3days fasting
BETTY:  Mummy ohhhh, they are doing fasting in our church, I will join that one
MUM: are you sure? How many days  are they doing it?
BETTY:  Its for like 30 days
MUM: Okay. That’s better. Pray for God’s favor and Long life.
BETTY:  Okay mummy.
MUM: Tell your housemate to join you ohhh, infact is she there? Let me talk to her on the phone,
BETTY:  (Sighs) Amiebi, my mum wants to talk to you
And that is how I will end up fasting for that month, and well, when I would be receiving the blessings, I would just be smiling and wont even remember the numerous sighs that I had made on the phone.
Who wouldn’t love a mum like that?

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